Quick Start

  • Contact the other person and get them ready!
  • Hit Play Now
  • Put in your Name and hit Create a new game
  • Use the Share button and send the link with the Invite Code to the other person (or read the code out to them)
  • Hit Start Game

  • Wait for the other person to join and Play!

  • To finish just close the browser tab or hit the menu button and Leave Game

Full Instructions

Starting a game

Two people are joined in a game by the Game # (a 9 digit code).

The easiest way to do this is to create a new game (which will give you a random code) and then send a hyperlink with that code to the other player.

  • Enter the name you’re known by (e.g. Gran, Gramps, Kevin etc.)

  • Select Create a new Game

You need to send this code to the other player.

  • You can read it out to them and they can select Join a game and enter the code
  • Or you can send them a link that will already contain the code by selecting the share button
  • Once you’ve done that select Start Game

In the game

  • You will have to give permission to use your Camera and Microphone for the video chat to work
  • If you join before you sent the Game number to the other person you can select the icon (top right) and read out the number to them or select the icon to share a link with them.
  • Once both players have joined you will be able to choose the game you want to play.

Above the video you can see whos turn it is.

  • When it’s your turn Click/Press where you want your move to go.
  • If you make a mistake ask the other person to Undo the move (see below).

Tip - on a phone everything may fit better if you use it on its side.

Some children with additional needs are distracted by seeing their own face.

  • You can tap the video area and it will be dimmed and blurred (but still be visible enough so that you can be sure your face is centred in the video)
  • A further press will turn it off completely.

This doesn’t affect what the other person can see.

Leaving the game

Select the icon on the top right to access the menu :-

Game #
Share a link to this game
Leave Game
To stop the game and video connection.
Change Game
To end the current game and let you choose a new game (keep the video connection open).
Undo Last Move
Undo the last persons move and let them take it again - useful if a child makes a mistake and you want to give them another chance. Only the current player can select this for the previous players move.