What is the Facebook in app browser?

When you are using Facebook on a mobile app and click on a hyperlink it will open in Facebooks “In App Browser”.

This gives Facebook more data and control when you are browsing and you are more likely to return to Facebook afterwards (it’s all about advertising and eyeballs!)

However, the Facebook In App Brower doesn’t have all the same features as the normal Chrome/Safari browser, e.g. you can’t have multiple tabs or set bookmarks. Crucially it doesn’t support video conferencing - so you have to switch to the normal browser.

You are using the Facebook in App Browser right now - you won't be able to play Games with Gran until you switch, see below.
You are NOT currently using the Facebook In App Browser - you can go ahead and click Play Now!

How do I switch?

Do it just this once

  • Click the icon in the top right and then select Open in Chrome/Safari and try again.

Or change permanently

If like me you prefer to use a fully featured browser and think Facebook already knows too much about what you do you can change Facebook settings to always open links in the normal browser.

  • Open the Facebook App
  • Click the Menu icon ( icon in the top right)
  • Click Settings
  • Right at the bottom click Media and Contacts
  • Turn on Links open externally