How do I use this?
See the Full Instructions
Was this created for Coronavirus?

Yes - various restrictions and lockdowns stopped my own kids seeing their Grandparents and friends and relatives.

We tried video calling but it never tended to work that well without some 'structure' to a call. Group calls ended up with everyone jabbering over each other whilst grandparents videoed their toes and video effects / filters ended up with the little darlings just watching themselves pulling funny faces...

What games are available?
At the moment Tic-tac-toe (Noughts and Crosses) and 4 in a Row (like Connect 4 ®) but others coming soon. If you've ideas for more then let me know on the Facebook Page
Is this Free?
Yes, though it's expensive to run video conferencing (STUN servers for technically minded) so I may have to charge in the future.
Is it Safe?
  • It runs in a browser window so can’t access anything on your phone or computer.
  • The video/voice is ‘end to end encrypted’ so can’t be seen by anyone else.
  • There are no logins, no ads and no tracking beyond the usual Google Analytics.
Who created this?
A family from Devon in the UK. Dad is a computer programmer, Mum is a primary school teacher. K and A are our lil'monsters.
Can I play with more than one other person?

No. The sort of games that are included only really work when playing 1 v 1.

Also video calls with multiple people tend to be hard for young children to concentrate on and (some) grandparents to hear.

What about video effects / flashy graphics / sound effects and arcade games?
The aim of this project was to facilitate communication especially between young kids and older adults and these flashy things would get in the way of that.
What is this warning about the Facebook in app browser?
Please see this page that explains why you can't use the Facebook in app browser.