What games can I play?

How do I use this?

You will need a Smartphone, Tablet or PC with a webcam and modern browser (Chrome, Safari etc).

  • Contact the other person and get them ready!
  • Hit Play Now
  • Put in your Name and hit Create a new game
  • Use the Share button and send the link with the Invite Code to the other person (or read the code out to them)
  • Hit Start Game
  • Wait for the other person to join and play!
  • To finish just close the browser tab or hit the menu button and Leave Game

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You can read the full instructions here


What games are available?
At the moment just Tic-tac-toe (Noughts and Crosses) and 4 in a Row (Connect 4). Soon I'll add Checkers (Draughts). If you've ideas for more then let me know on the Facebook Page
Is this Free?
Do you show Adverts?
Is it Safe?
  • It runs in a browser window so can’t access anything on your phone or computer.
  • The video/voice is ‘end to end encrypted’ so can’t be seen by anyone else.
  • There are no logins, no ads and no tracking beyond the usual Google Analytics.